Thomas Ford

Secret Garden Jazz & Blues - Saturday 27th at 11:00 am

Thomas Ford is a one-man blues band in the true sense of the word.

Not a guitar player who just blows a little rack harp, or vice-versa, Thomas is a racous bottleneck and fingerstyle blues guitarist, playing either a National Reso-Rocket (brass slide, guage 16-56 strings), or either of his pair of Harmony Stratotones (Faded Green H42 Newport for slide in open G tuning, strings 13-56), (Shitty brown H44 for standard tuning, strings 11-52).

Harmonica is his first instrument, and with a bullet mic attached to a neck rack he achives a HUGE tone, of the sort not heard from hands-free harmonica players usually. In addition, years of irresposive living have helped to develop a voice which rumbles and groans and spits out the words written on the back of cigarette packets.