Super XLs

Harbour Maritime - Saturday 27th at 5:30 pm

Influenced by the best of British rock the SuperXLs have their roots firmly in the sounds of Bowie, XTC, Genesis, Roxy Music, Kate Bush. Powerful vocals, melodic guitars and synthesisers sit on top of a driven rhythm section.

Formed in 2012 the band has had a few lineup changes and stops and starts along the way. During that time the core members have developed a range of original material some of which can be heard in their current set. 2017 will see some of the first studio recordings being released along with a range of live performances.

In January 2016 when the music world lost David Bowie the band performed a entire set of his music as a tribute to the great man. This was an emotional evening that has left an indelible mark on the band and their followers. In Jan 2017 the band once more played a tribute gig to a packed venue and have since vowed to celebrate the life of Bowie annually.

Expect the very best of British rock and a slab of Bowie’s finest on the Harbour Maritime stage.